Our story

About Jessica and Andrew Sieja.

Growing up in a military family, Jessica had the opportunity to see the world early – both its beauty and its struggles. Jessica’s parents’ public service sparked her own lifelong commitment to learning, building community, and social impact.

Andrew is a first generation American; his deep connection to his Polish roots and first-hand witness of the immigrant experience cultivated a uniquely empathetic, persistent entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to contribute to the good being done in the world. In 2001, he founded Relativity, an eDiscovery platform that has fundamentally changed the way digital investigations get done.

While expecting their first child, Jessica and Andrew set out to formalize a philanthropic platform grounded in their histories and heritage, driven by their passion for the city of Chicago, and fueled by their love for the country and planet they call home. 

Alta Futures – which gets its name from the names of their now two children –  was born with a simple goal: to act on our responsibility to the next generation by getting behind the best new ideas, thought-leaders, and projects working to create a hopeful, collaborative, thriving future for our city, our country, and our planet. A future full of possibility.

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