We believe the future can be better than we’ve dared to imagine.

For our community. democracy. climate.

Here in Chicago, across the nation, and around the world, there are innovative organizations working to make sure the years to come will be better than the years behind us.

Alta Futures provides grants, networking, and customized support to people and projects that are shaping more positive futures for our communities, our country and our climate.

Our focus

With our focus centered on three pillars – community, country, and climate – we provide grants, a cohesive network, and customized support to ensure that great ideas get transformed into collective action.


Engaged, connected, and empowered communities are the starting point for lasting positive change.

We support local leaders and organizations that are generating opportunities for Chicagoans to prosper.


When unlikely partners work together across lines of difference, democracy flourishes.

We get behind structural improvements and cultural  strategies that improve the U.S.’s ability to govern for all.


Evidence-based opportunities are ready to move us toward a thriving natural world.

We invest in ideas and solutions that are reducing emissions on a trajectory to meet global goals.

Our values


There is always something new to learn.


We’re not the smartest people in the room.


Problems intimidate, but possibilities inspire.


A plan is what turns a possibility into a reality.


Work worth doing and done well makes life better for everyone.

Our tools

We believe in the work our grantees are doing, and we bring all of our tools to the table to make sure they succeed. These include:
  • Philanthropic Grants
  • Capital Investments
  • Convening Space
  • Catalytic Connections
  • Strategic Advice

Our story

Jessica and Andrew Sieja have always been driven by their passion for people and places.

Our team

Jessica Sieja

Jessica is Founder + Chair of Alta Futures.

Andrew Sieja

Andrew is Co-Founder of Alta Futures.

Sarah Berghorst

Sarah is Alta Futures’ team leader, as well as head of our community work.

Aaron Koch

Aaron is Alta Futures’ lead for our climate and democracy work.

“We have to seek out positive examples of change and share them widely because the stories we tell most often are the ones that will come true.”

- Nigel Topping
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